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Whether you already own a Cockapoo or are thinking of bringing one home, you may want to know all about these amazing pooches. Although this information is sprinkled throughout hundreds of useful articles on our website, we've written this short report to allow you to learn five pertinent facts, all about Cockapoos, in one place.

Fact #1: Cockapoos Are Hybrid Dogs.

Cockapoos are what is known in the industry as a "hybrid dog." It is not a random "mutt" with unknown peerage, rather it is the deliberate crossing of two distinct breeds: the cocker spaniel and the poodle. This is done to get the best of both breeds in one dog: playful, friendly temperament, low-shedding coat, low-allergen count, a square, sturdy build, etc. Like "mutts", hybrid breeds also help reduce the chances of health issues common to purebreeds. This is known as "hybrid vigor."

Fact #2: Cockapoos Are Low-Allergen & Low-Shedding. 

No mammal with hair can be considered completely hypo-allergenic. Cockapoos however, stand apart from many dogs, because the amount of hair a normal Cockapoo sheds is extremely minimal. They also have a very low level of dander, due to the qualities found in the parent breeds. Dander is the stuff that causes allergies, making them a great choice for people with a sensitivity to dogs. Each animal is different, so you'll want to make sure before bringing one home, but you can rest assured that Cockapoos are one of the best dog choices for people with allergies.

Fact #3: Cockapoos Come In Many Different Sizes.

Most Cockapoos are small, having been bred with a small poodle or cocker spaniel, and can weigh anywhere from 6-15 pounds. However, many Cockapoos have been bred with larger parents, and these animals can weigh up to 30 pounds without having an ounce of excess fat on their bodies! When choosing a Cockapoo, ask how large the parents are...was the mother a mini-poodle? Was the father an exceptionally large dog? This can help you determine what size to expect your Cockapoo to grow to.

Fact #4: Cockapoos Have A Longer Life Span Than Most Dog Breeds.

The average life expectancy for a Cockapoo is quite high for a dog, and most will live to see their 13th birthday. It is not unusual for a Cockapoo who is healthy and well-cared for to live 15 or more years! I have heard of Cockapoos living 20 years, an impressive old age for any dog!

Fact #5: Cockapoos Are Highly Intelligent.

Due to the sharp-witted nature of both parent breeds, coupled with the longevity of the Cockapoo (more time to learn) and his natural curiosity, the Cockapoo is one of the smartest dogs in the world. The Intelligence of Dogs is a book on dog intelligence by Stanley Coren, a best-selling author and professor of psychology. In his book, the Poodle is the #2 most intelligent dog in the world. The Cocker Spaniel is #20. Consider that there were hundreds of breeds to rank, that hybrids and mutts were not ranked, and think about how intelligent that means your Cockapoo, who inherited traits from both his Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents, must be!

By the way, the #1 most intelligent dog, according to the list, is the Border Collie. 

To learn everything there truly is to know about Cockapoos, consider reading The Complete Cockapoo Owner's Handbook. It contains over 170 pages of Cockapoo information, facts, and related subjects.


Anonymous said...

My cockapoo turns 18 in a couple of weeks and is still able to run (well.. kind of a bunny hop run) and is incredibly active. I'm not sure how much longer she'll be this healthy and happy.. but for now, she's a little bundle of energy.

allyson said...

That's wonderful! My cockapoo just turned four. Still acts as a puppy though. I love hearing stories of cockapoos living so long. I can't imagine life without my little guy! I'm sure your dog is living so long because of the great love and care you give to him/her.

Anonymous said...

Our little boy will be 14 in April!! He's had some health issues but he's gotten wonderful care from our vet and I truly believe he'll be around for quite a while! He is loved so much!!

Anonymous said...

My dog is 15 and a half, mostly healthy but she has had to be on two bouts of prednisone. She has an autoimmune disorder the vet thinks is brought about by stress. Don't know what I would do without her.

Kimmy said...

My cockatoo will be 8 in May 2014. He is as active as he was as a puppy. He loves the beach and chasing balls. He hasn't had any health issues as of yet. He is a bundle of joy and our little fur baby!

Anonymous said...

My cockapoo will be 15 this Saturday, and she is doing great, she still takes a one mile walk almost everyday...... some incontinence, but was put on Proin and that has helped greatly..... I love her so much, I cant imagine my life without her

Anonymous said...

My cockapool is 17 and has been well taken care of. He is having issues with his vision and his back legs. He still get's very happy when he sees me and jumps around and stuff. But he has lost alot of weight, and is incognent. Sometimes he just piss while he is asleep. I have a man wrap around him cause he drips :(... but still i see alot of life in him. I am just confuse on when is time to take that last walk. Help anyone please.

Anonymous said...

My little girl-10 pounds will be 17 this year. She has been pampered all her life. My grand kids say she is spoiled but not a brat. Three years ago she was diagnosed with heart problems and arthitis. On medication. However through all of this she still goes outside to the bathroom. Her back legs sometime do not work to good until she thinks about what she has to do.

Anonymous said...

My cockapoo will be 15 on May 30 2014 He has more energy then my eleven year old poodle.tons of wards & he loss his hearing

smoke skull said...

Our loving little boy Radar passed away May 2 2014 from complications of diabetis. He aquired his diabetis from an evil vet that put him on prednision for an extended indefinate period for and ear infection. We had no clue what prednisone was untill 6 weeks into treatment our boy became deathly ill. He spent 2 weeks in hospital with bills of 5000.00. That was in early 2009 we got our baby back, switched vets and nursed him to health for another 5 and half years we loved our boy and he loved us. His health was excellent with insulin injections 2x per day and a healthy diet. My wife and i worked very hard to give him the best chance at long life after almost killing him with bad medicine. He suffered with ear problems the remainder of his life but we trwated it with ear drops that gave him instant relief. We miss him dearly every day.

Jo ann said...

My 9 year old puppy, scruffy ( and BTW my first dog) was diagnosed last night with lymphoma. 3 days ago I noticed his glands were palpable then over night enlarged to golf ball size.aspiration done and confirmed what I thought..lymphoma. I don't know what to do next. Chemo? Just prednisone? I need help, advise. If anyone is experienced or has any info please comment thank you

Laurie said...

Jo Ann, my precious rescue Cockapoo was also just diagnosed. I missed her and her sister's first year of life when they were dumped as abused strays. I thought I'd have her more than 10 years to spoil, but she doesn't have more than a month left. Renal issues made her not a candidate for chemo so I'm trying supplements like flax seed oil, circumins, Denamarin, and Resveratrol to extend her life. Her sister is the picture of health, but they are so bonded I don't see how she'll survive without her shadow. Prayers for your pup, and for you.

Kerri said...

Our old gal Sadie turns 14 next week. Sadly she just had to have her left eye removed due to primary glaucoma but it hadn't slowed her down. Five days post op and she's chasing the cat and wanting to play ball. We told her not till next week when she gets her stitches out, she's not happy about that.. Other than drops for her good eye she has no other health problems. I'm sure she'll be around for many more years.