Hello, my name is Kimberly. My dog’s name is Oreo.
I’ve been telling folks about Oreo, but I don’t think they understand how special he is. In 2010 I was hit by a SUV while riding my bicycle one morning going to work. I was thrown 15 feet and landed on the left side of my face and hands. A good 80% of my body was shattered.
I spent two months in the hospital. While away, I spent some time in a nursing home. Oreo was brought to see me. I was SO glad to see him. He jumped up on the bed, did his happy dance. Then started, from my feet, sniffing every injury on my body. When he got to my face he stopped and stared.
I did not understand then what I have come to understand now.
When I was sent home I had nurses and aides attending me. Oreo was now with me, carefully watching everything everyone was doing. Soon the nurses left and it was Oreo and I. My living room was converted to a hospital room, bed and all.

I needed to get up to go to my potty. When I moved, Oreo jumped up on the bed. He started pulling the covers down like the aides do. I said, OK…? I went to slide out of bed, he went to my left side to help push my right leg out of bed. Then when on the edge, he jumped down, so my right leg could balance on his back until I got my balance.

Oreo turned himself into a service dog for me. Today he is a registered service dog. I am so proud of him and blessed that he loved me just that much.