Dog toys, like Cockapoos, come in all different shapes and sizes. Before spending excessive amounts of money on a great many toys, consider what toys will best suit your dogs size and his personality. Some dogs love to fetch and play along with their owners, whereas other dogs are content to spend time on their own with interactive toys or chew toys.


There are a number of factors to consider when choosing toys for you dog.  Safety must be paramount, but you should also think about size. Different Cockapoos are different sizes…what works for a 30 pound Cockapoo is not likely to work for one half that size. Toys which are made specifically with larger breeds in mind will be difficult for smaller dogs to enjoy. Some toys may be quite small and could accidentally be swallowed, especially by a larger dog.


Also, give a thought to the durability and design of the toys, choosing well made items which will be easy to clean and which will not come apart on the first afternoon in the garden. Consider whether the toy is likely to be brought along when the family visits the beach or goes camping. If it is likely to be played with near the sea or a river, you will probably want to choose a toy that floats, like these rubber fetch toys, so that it may be more easily recovered.


If the toy is likely to be used in the grass, it should be a bright blue or purple, as dogs can identify those colors easily. They actually see red, orange, and green as similar shades, so that red ball (like our Albion is playing with in the above photo) can be a tough hunt in green grass. We have a more detailed article on the way dogs interpret colors to read for further information. The reason dogs can usually still find toys that may blend into the surroundings in their eyes, especially if thrown, is a testament to their ability to distinguish shapes, movement, and scents, rather than their ability to see them. Try using a blue ball or purple toy in grass, instead.


The main reason behind a dog toy is fun, so choose toys which your dog will enjoy. If your Cockapoo likes to play fetch, choose a toy which can be safely thrown a fair distance. You may want to consider a toy which also makes a noise to add to the fun of the game, as many Cockapoos enjoy squeaking or otherwise noise-making toys. Of course, if this is to be a mostly indoor toy, you may decide on a more silent toy.

If your dog is content with his own company, take a look at the variety of interactive toys which are available. These items can be filled with treats which your dog then spends hours playing with in order to release the tasty morsels. Cockapoos both require and enjoy mental stimulation, and some of these toys can provide that while alleviating boredom.

Other dogs enjoy nothing more than a good chew, and if he doesnt have a chew toy available, then shoes and furniture are possibly at risk. Many Cockapoos are strong chewers. Choose toys specifically designed to withstand intense chewing by a determined dog, so that your pet can contentedly enjoy his toy without causing damage to the home. Nylabones in Wolf Strength work well for this.


Be aware, particularly when choosing chew toys, of the durability of items made of rope or of toys which are stuffed, or have additional features. Toys which look attractive and colorful may have loose fabric or string or plastic eyes and other plastic features. As a result of chewing these may easily be come free from the toy and be swallowed by your dog. At the very least, your dog may likely suffer some digestive discomfort, but at worst he may suffer from an intestinal blockage, which is potentially life-threatening.

Be watchful of any signs of wear and tear in chew toys, and be sure to replace any potentially harmful items. If your dog has one or two favorite toys, then have some replacements available, so that when one starts to wear out it can be thrown away before it becomes dangerous. Finally, pick toys which are appealing to you too, since it is entirely possible that you may spend some time playing with the toys along with your dog!