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Who We Are
Cockapoo Crazy is a small organization.  We are  Cockapoo owners and enthusiasts who also write and publish material online, so sharing our knowledge and experiences with other owners seems to be a natural fit. Since we started the site, other writers, including breeders and dog enthusiasts, have taken up the call and contributed articles.


What We Do 
Cockapoo Crazy serves several functions. We are dedicated to providing top-notch, original information and articles to dog owners for free on our website. We write and publish The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook annually, a volume which is unique in the sheer amount of breed-specific information it contains, and is available in many formats. We also write The Best Dog Book Series, a low-cost series of short, information-packed ebooks, which are available on Amazon.com.
Our Community
Cockapoo Crazy organizes and moderates the world’s largest and most active Cockapoo enthusiast community on Facebook. We consider every one of our fans something of a Cockapoo expert in their own right, since they have all had experience with the breed, and we encourage them to share those experiences for the benefit of others.

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